Using art + design principles to create elegant and effective solutions. 

By combining both technological and physical processes, I am able to produce work that translates across digital and physical realms. My primary focus centers around creating and translating narratives through new media and animation. While my strength lies in graphic design, throughout my formal education I have taken an interdisciplinary approach which has given me a thorough working knowledge of design both inside outside of my own discipline. Through internships and student organizations, I have had the opportunity to exercise my skills in a practical way outside of scholastic assignments. I have also been able to gain considerable leadership and teaching skills from various work experiences and student committees. 

I am continually exploring for innovative ways of creating, because materials and the work process itself inspires me. I am drawn to systems of structure and nature, but find artistry in the chaos of the human condition. Essential to my creative process is emphasis on being a competitor,  design thinking, and exceptional craft. I don't stop when I am tired or discouraged; I stop when I am done.