Illustration Studio, Fall 2015: Every fall, students of the Illustration Studio create and propose different designs to brand the Art + Design Senior Show. The brand must be consistent and indicative of the graduating senior class across all mediums (posters, invitations, postcards, and flyers). The show is held in the Fish Market Gallery of Downtown Raleigh.

My design "Saucy" was chosen by the graduating class as their brand for the 2015 Senior Show. 

The AroundCampus Group, Chapel Hill, NC: Summer 2015

Production Intern, Design Assistant

• Designed advertisements using the software MultiAd Creator to specifically cater to the college market.  

• Produced over 50 ads a day that satisfied both customer specifications and company guidelines.

• Produced and edited over 1,500 logos and 2,000 advertisements, some of which are represented below.

• Designed for colleges across the nation that were then assembled into planners or directories.