"Imaginations is a design competition created and sponsored by Walt Disney Imagineering with the purpose of seeking out and nurturing the next generation of diverse Imagineers. Imaginations opens up the opportunity for students to showcase their skills and talents to Imagineering through a Disney related project. Provided with a project challenge, students and recent graduates work in teams to deliver a concept in a similar way to how Imagineers develop their blue sky projects. In a matter of weeks, teams have to leverage their various artistic, technical and communication skills to prepare a submission that will appeal to judges whose backgrounds include a wide array of creative and technical disciplines." - Walt Disney Imagineering (https://disneyimaginations.com)

This past January, a team of four NC State students including Emily Wise, Kevin Lee, Simon Park, and myself were chosen as finalists in the 2016 Walt Disney Imaginations Competition. With over 240 applicants, this national competition challenged us to create a transportable park that would bring Disney magic to any small town or big city across the United States and could be set up and torn down in one day. Our proposal, "Ostium: An Adventure Behind Every Door", creates an immersive experience that combines the wonder of reality with the enchantment of virtual reality. 

"Ostium: An Adventure Behind Every Door" - NC State: FINALISTS, THIRD PLACE

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(Front Row Left to Right) Emily Wise and Kevin Lee (Back Row Left to Right) Chandler Williams and Simon Park - ©Disney photo by Gary Krueger

©Disney. All Rights Reserved.

HIGH COTTON TIES: Paisley Design Competition 2015

Extended only to College of Design and College of Textiles students at NC State, this annual competition challenged us to create a paisley design to be featured in High Cotton Ties 2016 spring line. Using only the specific colors provided by the company and the identity of the brand, I was able to create a design to participate in the competition.