First Year Experience Studio, Spring 2013: Focusing on the spine and the abstracted concept of "Speed," I created a back piece that emphasized the subtle and otherwise unforeseen movement of the human spine. While several iterations came before, the final manifested using galvanized metal bands, rare-earth magnets, fine-toothed paper, trace paper, small beads and string. As the wearer walked, the paper projected and dramatized the swivel effect contained beneath the skin. The varying paper ellipses were cut using an industrial laser cutter and then assembled by hand. The entire piece separates into two smaller entities: an over-the-shoulder brace and a partial hip belt. 

This piece was featured in NC State's Art 2 Wear student fashion showcase in May 2013. 

  • Galvanized Metal
  • Rare-earth magnets
  • Fine-toothed Paper
  • Trace Paper
  • Small Beads [for spacing the paper]
  • String